Monday, October 4, 2010

new weigh in day!

When I first started this I wanted to make weigh in day Monday. But that Monday was Labor Day so Tuesday felt like Monday so I started on Tuesdays. I have been wanting to change it to Monday like I originally wanted to. So today I will start my first Monday weight in and keep it on Mondays.
So this morning, right after I got up I weighed. And the results were 123 lbs! I lost one more pound this week!! I started off weighting 126 pounds and now I weigh 123. That is a 3 pound weight lose! That is pretty good since I only wanted to lose 6 pounds so I am half way there! I am a pretty petite person so 3 pounds is about a dress size so that is huge. That means all the clothes I was pretty close to outgrowing now fits again! So I am so excited about that! It should be getting cooler here soon (or at least I am hoping) so I might be pulling out pants so they should fit now! No more pants anxiety (if there is such a thing I have it).


  1. Wow, I have to lose like 20+ pounds before I can tell a difference in my clothes! Congrats on reaching the halfway point!