Friday, June 4, 2010


Westin has known how to clap for a while, but it has gotten out of control lately. He claps at everything and expects us to clap with him. And if we don't clap he gets in our face and claps until we clap with him. He is crazy. We clap when he slides down the slide, when he trows a toy to the dogs, when we pick him up, when he enters a room, when he pushes the high chair, when he trows his sippy cup, when he turns the tv off, sometimes I don't even know why we are clapping lol. He is a clapper and trying to convert us into clappers too.


  1. Guess you are gonna be a "clap happy" family now! Enjoy these little phases as they are fleeting!

  2. What a big compliment you left on my blog,so sweet from you,thanks a lot!!