Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is my son giving me a little attitude! He has been giving me attitude a lot lately. He wants to be held a lot and when I tell him no he throws these little fits. First he whines and pokes out his lip. Then he sits on the floor and kicks his feet. And if he is on carpet he throws his head back, but he knows if he is on hard floors so he does not throw himself back. I just let him work it out, but I feel bad b/c he is wanting to be held all the time so I hate to keep saying "NO". I don't know why he wants to be held a lot now. He has never been like that. He may be cutting more teeth b/c he hasn't been sleeping good for naps lately either. i dunno if that has anything to do with wanting to be held. I guess I will have to wait and see. This is so typical Westin. Walking with his arms swinging around! He is so cute. It is like he walks to the beat of his own drum! He has a certain walk or strut that only he can pull off and master. Westin was outside helping Nanny poop scoop. Someone has to do it! With 4 dogs, they accumulate a lot of poop!
Westin has just started rubbing his chest and saying "Mmmm" when you give me something. Jermey was giving him water and he started doing that. He is so silly. So I started singing "There's a party in your tummy, so yummy" from his fav show Yo Gabba Gabba! He is such a little man. I just love seeing what he is going to do next. Even with his little fits I really enjoy being around him. He has this attitude, personality about him that makes me laugh and love to watch him! He is something else.

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  1. I think the fits are something to do with age. Chase does it now. I wish he could just tell me what is makeing him mad. He throws himself back and he doesn't care what type of floor. I too think some of it for us maybe teething. Those molars or hell. Westin is such a cutie:)