Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Carol came over to watch the Bachlorette last night so Mom decided to make martini's. She really wanted to make Pom martini's from Bonefish grill which are her fav. So I looked online for the recipe. Well the recipe calls for Pom mango juice. Well we could not find the Pom Mango juice. So we bought Mango juice to put in our Pom mix and mom did not like that too much. So she decided to make her own concoction, being a bartender back in the day and all. And they were really good too. So that is where Pattitini's came from! We got our own colored glasses and mom froze grapes too. And it was a good Bachlorette too!
This is Westin's new thing. Fingers always in the nose! I think he might touch his brain the rate he is going. lol We were at Wal-mart yesterday and there was this lady with 3 girls and I told him he cannot flirt with girls with fingers up his nose lol. He couldn't even wave at them b/c he had both fingers up his nose! And he usually waves at everyone. But now I guess fingers up the nose is more important. I guess he is excited about discovering his nostrils. He does know where his nose is lol
And this is my sad poo poo head. I saw him laying on the kitchen floor and I wanted to get a good pic of him. It is hard to get a good pic of him b/c he is black. My mom did not appreciate me laying in the middle of the kitchen floor trying to get pics of Jesse while she was in the middle of cooking supper! I got yelled at lol. I tried to tell her I was trying to get a good pic. She didn't care :( But lucky I did get a few good pics of him before I had to get off the floor.
Jesse Bear smiling!

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