Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I couldn't fit everything in one post so I had to make 2! We have been busy lately having fun! This is Westin with a clear clip in his hair! He liked when I put it in his hair! Shh don't tell daddy! It is so funny how he pose for me. But too bad he closed his eyes! lolThis one of Westin's famous fits he throws on the floor. I was trying to get everything ready for supper. Get his food fixed so it could be cooling down. Get his high chair ready, putting stuff on the table and he wanted me to pick him up. I told him no. Well he did not like that at all lol. But once he ate like a pound of spaghetti and had a bath he was all happy then! He was just cranky and hungry!
And here he is swimming in his pool! He had fun for a while in his pool then he tried to get out and went in the big pool! He is swimming so good in the big pool! He is so comfortable in the water now. And if his head goes under a little bit he doesn't freak out and drink a ton of water then gag. He just spits out the water and is fine! He will be swimming next summer!!
And this is me and mom with our matching bathing suits! This scrapbook page will be called "Hot Mamma's". I don't think many people can say they have the same bathing suit as their mom! my mom rocks!

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  1. Ok, this is funny!! I don't know of anyone's mom having the same bathing suit as their daughter. My dd would kill me if I got the same suit...and, of course, I could never fit into it!!

    Go Mom!!!!