Wednesday, June 2, 2010

movie night with mom

This is what happens when you ask your brother to take a pic for you. He takes one pic, doesn't even look at it and handed me back the camera. This is why I usually take the pics and are never in them. I take like 50 photos from different angles and hope I get a few good ones. Okay so maybe I am a little OCD about my photos. I am a scrapper and it is hard to scrap horrible pics. So I ended up turning the pic into a B&W b/c the coloring was all orange. The lighting in Mom's living room isn't very good as it is. And I don't have many good pics of me and mom. And we were about to go to the movies to see Sex and the City 2 and I thought I could get a good pic. Maybe next time.
So since I got all dressed up I thought I would take a good pic of myself. Pretty :) I love that dress and I got yo wear my new shoes.

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