Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new Toy story toy

When me and mom were at Wal-mart yesterday we saw this Toy Story 3 toy. We usually do not buy him toys b/c he plays with wooden or plastic spoons, tooth brushes, hair brushes, plastic bowls and remotes. He will sometimes play with an actually toy you buy in the toy department, but that is rare. So when we saw this toy we debated on if we should buy it or not. If he will actually play with it. It even made noises when you pushed the button for them to race down. Well mom decided to try her luck and buy it. If he does play with an actually toy it is usually a car or something with wheels. He even makes car noises when he pushes them around. Well he loves the toy! He even figured out how to put both cars up top and push the button so they can race! I am so glad he actually likes a toy. And my mom was happy to see him play with it for a while b/c she feels like she got hers money worth already b/c she knows how he is with toys lol.

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