Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I officially have a climber

I remember when we went to Westin's 12 month check up and there was a little boy there that was 18 months old. His mom told me how he is a climber. She said he climbs on everything! Once she found him on the kitchen counter. I thought to myself, oh no I am not looking forward to that! My mom said I was a climber and I would climb on everything. So I was not looking forward to the climbing stage. Well I believe we officially hit the climbing stage. He has been climbing on stuff for a while. But I felt like I could control it. He would climb on the couch and that was no big deal. But now he is braver when he climbs on the couch and jumps around and has fell off twice already in the past week(once on his head!) And now he climbs on the kitchen chairs and sits at the table like he is eating there lol. I am worried he will fall off b/c the chairs don't have arms. And there have been a few times where he has tried to climb on the kitchen table! He also climbs on the dest chairs and tries to grab everything off mom's desk! He comes back with all kinds of stuff. He also climbs on his little house. And it is made for that which is awesome! It has holes on the side for him to put his feet in and climb up the side. He has been climbing up the slide for a while now! Yep so I officially now have a climber! Oh let the fun begin! lol
*it would make a cute sb pg if i could get a pic of him climbing. I am sure i have pics of him climbing his little house. that would make a cute sb pg! And journaling already done!

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