Monday, June 21, 2010

My booger man

My poor baby was pooped out on our trip to the mall. He even rode in one of those car strollers you rent at the mall. Mom got her some cute sandals and she bought Westin some cute outfits from Gymboree! They are so cute! I cannot wait for him to wear them. We originally sent out to get mom some sandals and buy some b-day presents for our b-day parties we are invited to this weekend. We didn't get a change to go to Target b/c it was nap time and he passed out in the car. We also rode the carousal horses at the mall. I was so proud of him for not getting scared and cry. He was a little nervous at first when it started. But he never cried and he started to like it towards the end! We will have to go back again and let him ride it.
And this is my little man playing on his little slide playhouse thing. He likes to climb up the slide and poke his head out the circles on the side. He is so cute.

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  1. CUTE wall paper for your blog!
    When ever my kids fall asleep like that in the car, I always push their heads back lol.