Wednesday, June 2, 2010

new shoes!

So me and mom decided to try to find Westin some flip flops that fit his fat feet. I haven't had any luck doing so. We go to Shoe Carnival and find some black nike flip flops that fit, but the back kept coming off. I wanted to look for me some cute little sandals I would wear with my dress and other nice outfits without being too dressy. I have been looking for a while and have had no luck. I found these beautiful pearl sandals! I was not wild about the style of the sandal and I did not like the other plan colors. But this one caught my eye. It was so pretty. Dressy without being too dressy or heals. They had a 6.5 and I thought it was a little small, but they didn't have a 7 for me to try on. There is another Shoe Carnival on the other side of town so I thought I could just try that store later. So the next day I go to the other store and they didn't have that shoe at all! I was heart broken. I already made outfits in my head around these shoes. I was devastated. I finally found a cute sandal and they didn't have my size. So I decided to go back to the other store and see how the 6.5 fit. If it was too small or did I just want to check how the size 7 fit. Once again the following day I head on over to the other Shoe Carnival and try on the size 6.5 and lo and behold it fit! I just wanted to see how the size 7 looked. So I snatched up those shoes and was a happy camper! And I got to wear them when me and mom went to see the Sex and the City movie with my dress!!!

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