Friday, January 14, 2011

10 things that make me happy

Miracle Momma is having this journaling thing going on at her blog. This week is to list 10 things that make you happy. And I have been thinking about what my 10 things are all day today. So here they are
1. The most important thing that makes me happy is Westin! Everyday I am thankful for him and he makes me happy
2. nap time makes me happy. Not only nap time, but the fact that there is no more fighting over nap time is awesome
3. scrapbook makes me happy. And I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately which makes me even more happy!
4. Finally losing the last few pounds I have been struggling with makes me happy. It is nice not to have to worry about if my pants are going to fit today or am I going to cry when I cannot button them.
5. Being with my family makes me happy. I just kind of moved back home and it is nice to be close to my family again b/c I was away from them for a while.
6. warm weather makes me happy. Even tho it has not been warm lately! Actually it has been the complete opposite.
7. Westin eating a little better makes me happy. He actually ate pizza crust and he use to love pizza crust but then about 6+ months ago he decided he didn't want to eat half the stuff he likes and pizza crust was one of them. He drenched it in parm cheese, but he ate it lol
8. Eating at my fave mexican restaurant Las Palmas makes me happy. We have moved around to a couple different times and I have never found a mexican place as good as that one. And we got an order to go from there last night too :) I LOVE their cheese dip!
9. My dog Jesse Bear AKA Poop Poop head makes me happy. I had to leave him at mom's house for over a year while we were moving around b/c of the military and now that I am back at mom's it is like I have him back! He even sleeps with me at night! (he is 90 lb black lab mix)
10. Being back in Louisiana makes me happy! Knowing I will be here and will not miss crawfish season and crab season makes me happy! Other people may not understand what that means, but I keep missing crawfish and crab season's and you can only get them when they are in season! Crabs are the best and I hope to eat a ton of crabs this summer!

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  1. Oooh I totally understand crawfish and crabs making you happy! Me too. There's nothing like it! I'm glad to hear that Westin is eating better. I have always struggled to get Jordan to eat too. Thanks so much for playing along with my journaling prompt!