Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I now have a 2 year old!

I cannot believe today is my babies 2nd birthday! What happened? I can remember those every 3 hour feeds b/c of his heart. I remember being scared shitless bringing him home and even more scared finding out about his heart and going back in the hospital and staying at the Ronald Mc Donald house b/c the hospital was over 2 hours away. I remember Westin freaking out at our first cardio appt in SA and the ambulance drive to the hospital and the stay in the hospital monitoring him. Then I remember seeing him go though those double door to have open heart surgery at 5 months old and that was by far the hardest thing I have and prob will ever do in my life! And seeing him now and knowing what all he went though makes me so happy to see him so happy an non affected! It has been a long hard road, but it is all behind us and now it is as if nothing ever happened until you see the scar on his chest (which will come in handy with the ladies when he gets older) He makes all this so much easier b/c he is happy and healthy and perfect! I couldn't ask for anything more!


  1. Happy Birthday to Westin! He's such a miracle and a blessing. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

  2. Happy Birthday Westin and congrats to you Jade for surviving his ordeal! Bet you never thought you could have gone through all of this before you did! This has made you one amazing mom!!!