Tuesday, January 18, 2011

doing some catching up on some photos

Westin played with these plastic cups when we were at Roy's grandpa's house on Christmas Day, so since he was having so much fun with them Billie sent them home with us and Westin has been playing with them ever since! He stacks them, then knocks them down. He can play with them for hours! He loves those plastic cups! Go figure lol.

I noticed it was quiet, too quiet, so I went to go check it out and I see Westin on Uncle Cooper's (BAAAHH) lap watching Yo Gabba Gabba on youtube! It was so cute. For one that Cooper gave up his computer for Westin and then for him to put on his fave show! It was so cute Westin was just sitting on Cooper's lap with the headphones over his ears and watching yo gabba gabba on you tube! It was too cute!

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