Friday, April 15, 2011

can't buy happiness

Last year was one of my worst years. I am determined to make this year better, but as of now it doesn't seem like it is. Looking for a job is much harder than I thought. Silly me thought all I had to do was look in the wanted ads in the newspaper and send in your resume to the jobs you want to apply for. Well that is what I have been doing and have got little to no calls or interviews! Man! I don't know what I am suppose to do. So 4 months later with no luck. Even tried going to a staffing agency and still got nothing, I am getting pretty desperate. Lowing my standards to waitressing jobs and then my step dad suggest I try Sonic. I worked at Sonic as a skating carhop for many years. Through out high school and most of college. I never wanted to go back there. NEVER! It wasn't that it was a bad job. And at times, I would make good money, but I just felt like I outgrew the job. It was a very nice job to have in high school and through college, but I was really hoping to move forward to something better. But that doesn't look like that is going to happen. If I get a job at Sonic, I know I don't have to stay there forever, but I have my doubts anything will come up since in the last 4 months I haven't found anything. So that scares me that I will be at Sonic longer than I wanted to. Hell, I never thought I would go back. But I am really feeling the pressure to get a job NOW! I can't keep waiting and let another month go by! I just can't. I am tired of never having any money to do anything with my friends or take Westin anywhere, movies, lunch, whatever. Instead I just sit at home and do nothing. I am tired of it. I want to be self sufficient and buy some scrapbook stuff if I want, go to the movies if I want, buy Westin some new clothes and just not have to worry about money! So I had an interview at Sonic today and my stomach turned when he said I would start at $7.50 an hour and not get to carhop for a week or 2 so I can retrain inside. My first thought was, is this a mistake? and my next thought was, wow my lil bro gets paid more than that pushing buggies at Target. I am hoping all this is worth it and I am not making a huge mistake. Only time will tell!

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