Saturday, April 16, 2011

28 things about me

1. I have a crazy 2 year old. 2. I would love to go on a cruise one day 3. I love the beach 4. I love Margaritas (froze with salt) 5. The only thing I would change about myself (apperence) would be my teeth 6. I love having blue eyes 7. I would like to one day finish my degree (Math edu) 8. I love girl time with Cindy and Cheri 9. I love to scrapbook 10. My fav scrapbook co is Echo Park
11. I am recently going through a rough time (divorse and finding a job) 12. I lovr Happy's Irish Pub 13. I love Happy Hooligans from Happy's 14. I love feeling pretty 15. I love sugar woogers from my Jesse Bear 16. I sleep with my 90 lb lab but make Westin sleep in his bed :) 17. I would love to have another child one day (hopefully a girl) 18. I love Nicki Minaji and Drake 19. fav songs right now are "I'm Blazin" by Nicki Minaji and Kanye West and "Always fall for your type" by Jamie Foxx and Drake 20. I love pasta 21. I love seafood (boiled crabs and crawfish) 22. I love going to the movies 23. My fave movies are Pulp Fiction and The Notebook 24. I love Nick Sparks books 25. I love being a southern La girl! 26. I am VERY stubborn 27. I am very passinate ei emotional lol 28. I love my crazy booga man!

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  1. What a great page! :) I remember 28 (it wasn't that long ago... lol). It was a good year. Keep on being beautiful, my friend!