Thursday, May 20, 2010

I heart ice cream

Now I can explain. I heard the ice cream truck and was running around the house trying to get someone to go outside with me or stop the truck until I could get some money. Well luckily for me some kids were getting ice cream from the truck a few houses down so the truck was stopped and gave me time to get some money. I asked Cooper if he wanted some ice cream and he turned me down. I was like "really?" He said, "yea" he already had a snack after he got home from school. So I ask mom if she had any cash b/c I did not :( She told me to look in her wallet. Jack pot! So I grab a dollar bill and my wallet, b/c I knew I had change incase it cost more than a dollar, and ran outside! I get to the truck and everything is like $2. So I dig through my change and manage to get a dollars worth of change so I now have $2. I tell the ice cream man I want a chocolate fudge sunday bar thing. He looks for it and he is out. So I go with the large ice cream sandwich! It was pretty good too! It wasn't too cold so I could eat it right away!!!
That is all for now. I will make a scrapbook post later. I got a few scrapbook LO's done and one card. And is not working right now. That might have to wait till tom! I got to cook supper then Grey's is coming on tonight. And Mister here did not take his nap.

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