Thursday, May 20, 2010

busy busy busy

I have been so busy this week! The weather has been nice, we have been outside playing in the pool! I have been shopping with mom. And at nights I have been helping my lil bro study for his Algebra 2 exam. I've got a little scrapping in too. It is so nice to be home and visiting my family.

I will have plenty of time to scrap and work on my blog this weekend b/c my MIL is taking Westin for the entire weekend. I am excited, but really kind of sad too. I will miss my little man! I am sure I will find things to do, but it just wont be the same without my lil crazy man running around. I never thought I would be ONE of those moms, but it is always the 2 of us. I am not use to him not being around. I don't have family around so I've never had that. Maybe if we lived around family and they took Westin for the weekend often it would be no big deal. I am so use to him being around. I will keep busy with scrapbooking and laying out by the pool. But I will miss my booger man!

There are tons of things I need to add to my blog. A few LO's and some pic. So I hope to get all that up this weekend so I can keep up with it all! So be prepared for that soon :)

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