Monday, May 24, 2010

bad booga man

My little man has not been his self lately :( He hasn't been eating very well. He takes very short naps and those never seem to be enough. I am afraid his teeth are bothering him again. He only has a few more teeth left to come in. So I hope this is the last of the teething bit. I hate when my booga man isn't quite himself! I hope he is feeling like himself soon!

Keep an eye out for some scrapbook LO's I will be posting hopefully tmw. I have been scrapping but haven't had time to take pics and post them. See above paragraph :)


  1. Sorry the little man isn't up to par! You know we all have crummy days for some reason or another, seems reasonable to assume the little people do too. Hope he gets back to his regular self soon!

  2. so sorry your little man is feeling bad, I hope tomorrow is better....he is so very cute....have a fabulous weekend!

    enjoy *~*