Saturday, May 15, 2010

for the love of ketchup

My son has just discovered the wonders of ketchup. It makes sense b/c he loves french fries and now we found out the other day onion rings too. And fries and ketchup were made for each other. And once he runs out of fries or in this case, onion ring, he dips his fingers in the ketchup and eats it that way. Here he is demonstrating this fine art!

Step 1: dip finger in ketchup
Step 2: take finger out of ketchup and bring it close to mouth
Step 3: put ketchup filled finger in mouth
Step 4: enjoy! You can see his love for ketchup all over his face!

So here is an update on the progress on packing. I folded and put all my clothes in my suitcase. Packed up my scrapbook stuff. And now, since Westin is up from his nap, it's time to pack Westin's suitcase! My lovely husband cleaned out the car and vacuumed it. It wasn't that bad. I don't junk up my car. But I used the big stroller once when it was muddy and had mud all over the wheels so it dried and there was dirt everywhere. Now once I am done, my husband will pack up the car and put Westin's portable DVD player in the back seat! And I will be ready to go in the morning! I hope it goes that smoothly!


  1. He's a smart boy! LOL I hope you have a safe and fun trip!

  2. lol, what is it about ketchup and little ones?! my niece will eat it with a spoon!