Sunday, May 23, 2010

my baby is back!

I got my booga man back today! I missed him, but he had so much fun with his maw-maw. I am glad he got to spend the whole weekend with her. And if we lived here we could do this all the time!!!!!! I could have many weekends off! lol Let's see, what did I do on my weekend off? Friday night me and mom watch one of my netflix movies, Whip It and it was so good! It made me miss my skating days at Skate City and at Sonic! I miss skating. And Cheri wanted to go skating while I was here so Roy looked for my skates, but couldn't find them :( I was so upset. They have got to be somewhere. Now let's get back to the subject, Then Sat we had chicken biscuits for breakfast, then we laid out by the pool. Then Carol came over after work about 2:00 to lay out with us. We got in the pool when it got too hot and laid in blow up rafts. It was very nice and relaxing. I did get burnt on my butt! I guess that area hasn't seen sun in a while lol. Later that night mom made mudslides with ice cream and chocolate syrup, yum! And we watch Doubt which was pretty good. Sunday, got up, had Mc Donald's breakfast and chilled for a while, then got a little scrapbooking done. And meet Tressie to pick up my booga man about 5:00. It wasn't that exciting of a weekend, but it was a nice, enjoyable lazy weekend off.

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