Friday, May 14, 2010

time: 9:43pm

So it is 9:43 pm and my crazy man is still up. He is acting crazy and silly. I can tell he is so tired but he refuses to sleep. So I got him out of his crib and giving him some snack b/c he seems hungry and hopefully he will go to bed soon! I hope he is not getting crazy again with teething right before we leave or that will be one hell of a trip. I hope he is just crazy tonight and everything will be back to normal tomorrow. Crossing my fingers.

I got pretty much everything done that I wanted to get done today. I washed and folder clothes, loaded and unloading the dishwasher, sweep and mopped the floors and started packing my scrapping stuff. I still need to figure out what paper to bring. I can't bring my entire stock of paper altho I wish I could :) I need to print out more pics so I can't even pick out paper to match my photos. I will prob just pick my fav :) That always seems to work! It's not like there isn't any scrapbook stores in BR. There is an awesome on like right by my mom's. And it just so happens to be right next to my fav mexican restaurant! Jack Pot, I know!

So tomorrow we have to get Westin's haircut, clean out the car and take the big stroller out, and pack mine and Westin's luggage! That will be easy to do. Just throw everything in. I mean we will be there for about 2 months. Easy! I am so excited, I just hope the ride goes smoothly. I am set with 2 Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs that play forever! That worked the last trip so I am hoping they wont fail on me this trip! Come on DJ Lance, don't fail me now ha ha. Yes, I know I am a goober :)


  1. lol, Jade. Call me crazy, but I am seriously considering finding Yo Gabba Gabba on TV and watching it next week. I've heard about it from everyone! I used to know all about the kid stuff, but fell out of the loop since I stopped working at the day care. I hope DJ Lance pulls through for you! Have a great trip :)

  2. AT first I thought the show was crazy. But Westin loved and I started getting into it and it is a lot of fun. I know all the songs and dances! And he learns so much! He can point to his face and sometimes facial features :)