Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is what I have been doing this week

This is what I have been up to this past week. We have been busy and having fun since we arrived! See my poo poo head (AKA Jesse Bear) on the left? I missed him so much!!! I missed that big 'ol nose and big 'ol head! He is so sweet! And gives sweet sugar woogurs. And he is so good with Westin! He lets Westin poke him with stuff and step on him :) He is such a sweet dog!

And below is a pic of Westin with a pair if my Mom's old sunglasses! I cannot believe he actually kept them on. And the fact that he looks like that makes it so much better. He would walk around with them on his face. He would try to put them on and he would put them around his neck lol. He is so silly. And that is why I will miss him when he goes to his Maw-maw's house this weekend. He is my entertainment lol

And in these 2 pics we have Westin playing the water puddles and the dogs new water bowl. Mom has 4 dogs, so she needs a big water bowl of the dogs. Well the last one she had Jacie kept dumping over. SO when she saw this on at Target she had to buy it! I was worried the dogs would look at that water bowl funny and not drink out of it. But they drink out of it and it is big enough for all of them to drink out of.

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  1. sorry. I just realized one of my pic did not post. Sorry I am getting use to this blog thing lol