Wednesday, May 12, 2010

starting over

I dunno what happened to my other blog. It is still up, but i cannot sign into it. Lucky I only have been working in that blog for a few days. But still, it sucks. I had to change the e-mail address and so I hope I don't mess this one up too. Because I don't even know how I messed the other one up. That is the scary part. If I knew what I did I can just not dot hat again lol. Thanks everyone for being patient with me :) Ya'll are the best!


  1. Okay...I am following you on this blog now. LOL Don't mess it up cause I am just leaning how to do this stuff too!! And since I am in Germany my home page comes up in GERMAN and I don't know half of what it says!

  2. I am new at this too. I am sure it makes it more difficult for you with it being in German lol. How you liking Germany?