Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor day at the park

We have this really nice park right down the street from our neighborhood. It is behind the library and we go to it a lot. The park is perfect size for Westin to climb and slide down the slides all by himself *tear* My big boy walking with daddy.
This pic is going in his portfolio for modeling ha ha Look at him smiling with his eyes (yea I watch ANTM) And his hand on the pole like he is posing! Oh yea he is hot stuff!!
Sliding all by himself!! He loves it! Makes me sad he doesn't need me as much but I love seeing him become so independent!
They had this picnic table underneath the playground and Roy barely fit! lol
This is Westin's new thing! This use to be his "uh-oh" face, but now it is also his something-is-so- funny face. He does it when he is watching tv and something is funny. I dont know what was so funny here but something must have been really funny


  1. Oh! Westin looks like he's having a blast! Wonderful Pictures Jade!

  2. Hi Jade thanks for stopping by my blog today. and for your comment on my shoes and flowers. My flowers are alot of work.. kinda hard to explain as they go through many steps to get them to look like that.. Are you into making scrapbook flowers?? there are tons out there for sure! You little guys is adorable.. his eyes are sooo gorgeous, I hope he keeps that blue color. My daughter had blue eyes, then she hit three and poof they changed. She's always mad cause her two younger brothers got the very pretty blue and she's stuck with sorta green lol
    I see Winstin's surgery scar, boy that must of been reallly hard for you.
    Being a mom I know just how much our kids me... If you went to my blog and went all the way down.. you would of seen a smashed up totaled car. THAT was ours.. and my son was driving it while that happened. The older lady that hit him seriously thought she killed him and she was hysterical. I don't think it matters how old they are, moms will always be Moms! Good luck on trying for a baby, if I can give you a word of advise.. don't want it so bad, because the more you want it.. the slower it will happen.. I miscarried my first baby, but did get pregnant with Ashley about 4 months later. We had friend long time ago, she wanted a baby soooooo bad but it just wasn't happening. they tried for years and every month disappointment.. Finally they gave up.. got into adoption and finally got there 3 day old baby.. and you guess it.. a month of so after they got their adoptive baby, guess who was now having a baby. She stressed over it and that caused her unable to conceive... ANYWAY.. I wish you luck on your baby! I'm sure soon you'll hear those little words!.. Your having a baby!!
    Once again.. thanks for stopping by my blog and for following.. I joined yours too! Hope you have a great day tomorrow. Sherry

  3. Looks like a fun time! We have been having perfect park weather! I love this time of year!

  4. looks like everyone was having fun! I like that picture in the swing-too cute!