Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fave holiday

My fave holiday has to be Christmas. We live far away from family b/c my Husband is in the army, but we always make sure we go him for Christmas. I really enjoy going home for Christmas and seeing all my family and friends! We go shopping and go out to eat. Westin loves being at moms house b/c it is so big and she has 4 dogs. Someone is always home to entertain him besides just me. People are always coming in a out and he loves that! I do love the decorations and the presents and the gift giving. It is a special time of year. There is just this joy in the air. Everyone is jolly and bright hee hee. Christmas is my fave holiday b/c it brings families together! And I really miss my family!

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  1. Christmas was always my fav holiday when the kids were little.... But I am starting to like Thanksgiving more.Since my hubby manages an elevator,we stay home for this holiday and it is more casual and just US... Reminds me what I am really thankful for....