Friday, September 10, 2010

before and after

I did a little cleaning out. I really needed to organize and straighten up stuff. So a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep I went though everything. Through some stuff away and organized some stuff. I really need to buy a couple albums! A Christmas album since I am working on Christmas photos now and a new album for Westin. And I want to start his birthday pics after Christmas so I need an album for that too lol It never ends. This pic is after I straighten everything up. I put all my already done LO's in order and separated them for different albums. I also have a small cubby for my scraps that I am using at the time. It is easy to grab a small piece of white CS for journaling
And this is the top of my desk all cleaned up. My paper all nicely put away and my cricut carts all stacked up! And my printer on the floor (Westin loves to play with that lol)
This was the before pic of my desk!
Nice and neat work space! With my cutter, pink mat and pink ATG! I am ready for some scrapping!
And this is the before of my scrap table! I let it get pretty messy!


  1. Looks great! You are inspiring me to organize!

  2. Great Job! I hear ya & can totally relate when it comes to just diving in & cleaning it all at once!

    Love the clean, spotless desk, the organized shelves, and the purple walls! XO