Sunday, September 5, 2010

AGC weekly photos

So I have these weekly photo challenge on the Anything Goes Challenge over at This photo is what faith means to me. When Westin had open heart surgery I had to put all my faith in Gods hands!
Okay so this one is for Ethics. Well I ask Roy what erhics means and I think he thought I was talking about ethnicity so he was telling me to take a pic of things that represent our background. SO I took a pic of this crab boil! We use it all the time when we boil shrimp or any seafood! But then I googled ethnics and got something totally different. Oops hee hee
This is for Religion. I think this Nelly Furtado song is so pretty and actually religious.
This is holy! Not quiet the same def, but you get the point.
This one is for butterfly! This came from my notebook!

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  1. Great take on some difficult words! Love your take on ethics/ethnics. too funny! I do that all the time! I'm always second guessing myself so is my friend!