Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I never thought this day would come

So I never thought I would be looking forward to my period coming.....EVER! Usually each month I dread it. The mood swings, the back aches, the headaches, the cramping, the bloating, and just the inconvenience of it. Well since I found out we could start trying again to get prego (after the miscarriage) after I have a period, I have been waiting on it to come. Well this past weekend I started getting backaches and pretty moody so I thought my peroid was coming. Well I waited. Monday it didn't come. Tuesday it didn't come and finally Wednesday might be the beginning of what I think is my period! I am so freaking happy that we can start trying again after this period! I really want to get prego again! Now I really hope we can get prego again! I am really afraid it may not happen again or not as quickly! But I am trying to stay positive and take it one step at a time and right now I just need to get through this period and see what happens. :)

Side note: I won at BINGO tonight, but so did 3 other people, so lucky me only won $16. But that is better than nothing! I did break even which was nice! But now I am really itching to win it all now lol


  1. Yay for TOM! :) I'm in the same boat as you, kind of, except the fact that it's 3 days to TOM and no sore breasts which has been a huge symptom for me up to 2 weeks before hand!

    Of course, that could just mean my body has stopped doing that symptom, but still.

    Good luck and baby dust your way! :)

  2. hang in there! I went through the same thing and know how hard it is, but staying positive only helps!

  3. I hope you get prego very soon. It's funny how different docs have different views. My doc told me to begin trying right after my miscarriage because my body is set up for a pregnancy and the egg will attach better because the uterine walls are already thinned to accommodate for the next egg to attach to. I got prego right away after each miscarriage I had. He was also a doc that told me 6 weeks after my first son was born that I could start the next baby any time I wanted and I did. I had 5 under the age of 5 AND I tried for each baby number 1 I had such easy pregnancies, he says it's because my body didn't know when one pregnancy ended and the other began. No morning sickness, no anything, it was fabulous.

    I wish you lot and lots of luck getting prego and will keep you in my prayers that you are blessed with a baby soon.

  4. lol! You are absolutely adorable! I'll be praying tta everything is ok and that you end up getting prego quickly! ;o)