Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I love many fall activities! Because with Fall comes cooler weather and cooler weather means more outdoor fun! The temps become bearable and that means many outdoor activities! Like going to the park with Westin. He loves the park and when it is 90+ degrees it is so hard to spend much time outside at the park. It is definitely BBQ weather. Just hang out outside with family and friends and eat on some good food! I love when the weather gets cool and we can do more stuff like that! But what I am looking forward to most of all is pumpkin patch and Halloween! Last year Westin wasn't 1 yet so it was hard for him to really enjoy all the fun stuff! So I am so excited this year, that Westin will get to enjoy all the fun stuff! We are going to a big pumpkin patch where we get to pick out our own pumpkin. And they have a corn maze as well. And a hay ride and a petting zoo for the little ones! Westin will enjoy all the fun activities this year and I cannot wait! Then there is Halloween! Westin is old enough to walk door to door and trick or treat! I can't wait to dress him up and take him trick or treating! It is almost as fun dressing him up as it is taking him trick or treating! I have been in search for him a costume and have found a few prospects! I cannot wait. I am also thinking about dressing up myself for Halloween! They are having a little halloween party on post and everyone dresses up! I am sure I can rummage through my closet and find something to dress up as. I love Westin being at this age where he can enjoy all the fun Fall things!


  1. I love fall too! You are so going to enjoy this year with Westin! What a fun age!

  2. Oh a pumpkin patch sounds like so much fun (and a great photo opportunity!!) Halloween is a great time of year - it's getting warmer over here in Oz, enjoy the cooler temps where you are!