Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it's tuesday

It's tuesday and that means weigh in day! I am feeling pretty good about it! We started walking yesterday and we are going to walk every other day till we get to walking every day. Yesterday we walked 2.14 miles! And it is so nice walking with someone b/c it doesn't seem like that far of a walk. So this morning when I woke up and I got on the scale I weighted....124.0 lbs! So I have lost 1 pound since last weigh in last week. That is a total of 2 pounds lost so far! It has been a little up and down, but that is to be expected when you don't have a lot to lose. But I am pretty happy about that. I have been watching my portions and trying not to snack and started walking! I am really close to fitting into my old jean again too! That is all I want. To fit back comfortably into my clothes and feel good about myself! And I am almost there! I would like to lose at least 4-5 more pounds tho. But slowly but surely wins the race, right? I'll just keep on doing what I am doing and slowing take the rest of the weight off!